E-brochures - unique marketing tools

E-brochures are unique marketing tools. They are the best cost saving techniques to reach out to your audiences.

At Imagine Web Solutions, we are committed towards developing eco-friendly digital publications that tailor-fit your specific requirements. The e-publications prepared by us are compatible, efficient and functional to your product/ service.

We can build e-brochures either from an existing PDF file or from a fresh brochure design. You can email them to your friends as attachments or include them on your websites as links. We assure you maximum possible impact.

Highlights of our e-brochure services:

  • A faithful online replica of your black and white publication along with some rich media inclusions
  • User defined and preconfigured bookmarks
  • Addition of hyperlinks to any picture, object, zone, text or interactive button
  • Dynamic slide shows along with thumbnails, zoom and motion
  • Flipping page effect
  • Easily downloadable
  • Zoom facility
  • Free unlimited circulation

We can assist you in building a 'green and paperless office'. In case you seek further information and samples of our e-brochures, e-prospectuses and e-catalogues, feel free to reach us. Looking forward to a mutually benefitting relationship...